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Production stills from John Rambo

Rambo.jpgThere's a couple of photos online of John Rambo looking mean and moody and in full garb, although there's nothing much to really see and I don't tend to post photos which really don't add anything to a film, I'm really looking forward to seeing Sylvester Stallone back as Rambo.

In my heart of hearts I really wish that Rocky Balboa (Filmstalker review) and Rambo inspire someone to give Stallone a fabulous character script to play and we see some of his acting come out, just like with Cop Land, and this time the critics sit up and listen. However I don't think it will happen, and we'll be treated to these two action returns and Stallone will disappear into the jungle/dressing room again.

Can I just remind you that if you haven't seen Cop Land, please do. You should be surprised. Meanwhile head over to Las Horas Perdidas through Coming Soon to see the two production stills of John Rambo.



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