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Puma increases product placement

IRobotAudi.jpgIt seems that the world of advertising is a little fed up with the humble product placement and now they are trying to get a firmer hold on the film industry and are moving towards becoming a promotional partner.

That's Puma's idea anyway, to coincide releases of new clothing lines with the release of films, and in return for production money the film will feature the clothing from that new range.

Hang on, isn't that just product placement on a bigger scale? The story from Variety that talks about the Puma deal says that they are looking for as many as six films next year for tying in to product lines. The difference here seems to be that they will market the film as well as just supply cash and clothing for the film, so in return for larger product placements, Puma will cross market the film using their new clothing lines.

It sounds a little more evolved from product placements, but it's still the same thing. What do you think about this practice of blatantly placing products into the shot in order for the film to gain money? Is it a practice that annoys you, or do you hardly even notice?

I think the worst instance of it for me was with I, Robot where Will Smith was going on about these new trainers/sneakers. That was so blatant it leapt out of the screen and smacked me. However for the most part I find that the placement of real world products just makes the film world seem more real.



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