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Rea and Jones in British crime thriller

StephenRea.jpgStephen Rea, Vinnie Jones, Shannyn Sossamon and Gary Stretch are joining a British crime thriller called The Heavy. It follows a henchman who is forced to forgive a debt to his shady boss by assassinating his own brother who just happens to be a high profile politician.

Unfortunately the plan starts to fall apart when the henchman becomes involved with a student whose flat he's using for the crime, and a corrupt detective starts to get the scent of his trail.

Vinnie Jones plays the detective, Shannyn Sossamon the student, and Stephen Rea the corrupt boss with Gary Stretch playing the henchmen. You'd probably most recognise him from Alexander. The news comes from The Hollywood Reporter.

The Heavy sounds an interesting story, and interestingly it stars one of the ex-members of the British boy band Blue, Lee Ryan. It'll be interesting to see if he can act and also if he can stand up with these other actors in what sounds ike a gritty and hard film. Marcus Warren is the Writer and Director on this, his first film.



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