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Rock's Game Plan trailer looks woeful

Rock.jpgOh good god, I think it's fair to say that the Rock is on a road to ruin, especially after seeing the trailer for The Game Plan, it looks sickly sweet and formulaic.

Now I know some of you are going to say you don't even know where he had a good moment, but I really liked Walking Tall, and that film showed that the Rock aka Dwayne Johnson could actually act, and he acted well.

From there it looked like there could be a strong actor inside the strong man, and he wasn't just going to be an atypical action star. Now he's doing this and it looks like he's making all the worst choices that all the action stars before him have.

So see for yourself. Movie-List Forums have the links to the trailer in various formats:

QT : High : Med : Low
HD : 480p : 720p : 1080p



On the contrary the film has been receiving good reviews by families and other moviegoers. I was in the pirates 3 movie (good movie btw) at the Fenway 13 in Boston over the weekend and everyone was laughing at the trailer and seemed interested in the film. I was a extra in the movie at gillette stadium as a security guard behind the rebels bench and it was a well run production. Andy fickman did a great job directing and the movie will be more of a family film. It will be a good one to take the kids to and good for anyone. And most people have rated it 4 out of five stars and no worse than 3.
I think it will end up being one of the better movies by the rock.


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