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Rockwell to star in Choke from Fight Club writer

SamRockwell.jpgChuck Palahniuk wrote Fight Club, and that turned out to be an excellent film. Now there's news that another of his novels, Choke, has just joined the long production line towards becoming a film.

What's even better news is that Sam Rockwell appears to be taking the lead role as Victor Mancini, a con artist and sex addict (yeah!) who has a little trick where he pretends to be choking on food in restaurants to try and con people out of money.

Obsessed With Film carry the story from Film Junk and the author's own website, and quite rightly they say that the idea sounds wacky. Yes it certainly does, but it's something different and it's not a bleeding remake!

Clark Gregg is the man who will adapt the novel for the screen, and he wrote What Lies Beneath, which although was a great idea and perhaps a good script, the final film version was pretty awful.

I'm excited about seeing Sam Rockwell in dramatic roles, he's great when he's not being a wacky over the top character. However with the wacky script idea from Chuck Palahniuk, and perhaps a film that might turn out to be as off kilter as Fight Club, will the comparisons do it more harm than good?



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