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Russell, Weinstein and Tarantino talk new Grindhouse release

KurtRussell.jpgKurt Russell has spoken before he's thought about the impact before, but this time he's right on the money with his comments that he's disappointed that audiences won't get to see Grindhouse in its original double bill form.

Interestingly at the same press conference in Cannes Quentin Tarantino talked about the new version of Death Proof that has been shown there, it has been heavily re-edited and according to the Director has taken a 180 degree turn in the emotion of the film. He's also hinting that Kurt Russell's character has changed during the editing, and for the better.

Harvey Weinstein cut in as well and said that the double bill had meant that the two Directors had to cut their films down to make them fit with the experience, so now the audience can see the films in their entirety, he likened it to cutting Kill Bill or Sin City to seventy minutes. The comments come from IMDB.

Well that's a great spin Weinstein, but I'm curious as to why it is only Tarantino's film that's been recut so much. Perhaps it is just because they haven't gotten round to recutting Robert Rodriguez's Planet Terror, or it could be that Death Proof recieved such poor reviews that they felt they had to recut it and save it somehow.

I'm not so sure that merely cutting down Sin City or Kill Bill would have made them as disasterous as Grindhouse turned out to be, and I don't think it is just down to the length of the film either. What we have to wait and see is if this recut version of Death Proof, and the single releases of both films, can radically recover the box office takings. At least Weinstein is guaranteed that they will be doubled.

Well done to Russell though for speaking his mind, and for the audience.



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