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Sacha Baron Cohen to play Freddie Mercury?

SashaBaronCohen.jpgBack in December we had the bizarre rumour that Johnny Depp was in the running to play Freddie Mercury, the lead singer of Queen, in a film about his life. Now it seems that Depp is out and that Sacha Baron Cohen is in negotiations for the role.

Again, as with the previous story about Johnny Depp in talks, take this as a strong rumour, but it's there none the less.

According to The Mirror newspaper through Digital Spy, one of those pesky insiders has told them that Sacha Baron Cohen is the forerunner for the role and that Cohen loves the idea of the role, especially since his character of Borat looked so similar anyway.

Well I was very sceptical of the rumour of Depp being involved, even though it came from the mouth of Queen guitarist Brian May, but this rumour seems much more plausible. Look at the man himself, although he's way taller than Mercury was, he has a great look and is a strong character actor.

Do you think that Cohen could play Freddie Mercury? Can he even sing and would it matter? If not, pipe up with another suggestion.



I cannot think of a more perfect person for the role. I don't think it really matters if he can sing, they can lipsync those bits. I think I speak for most when I say we care about the look and acting ability more than getting a 'live' music performance out of whomever fills the role.

I can see it working.

I agree. I think he's a perfect choice for the role. He doesn't only physically fit the part but I think he could rally embody Mercury's energy. This is exciting news!

hola, como estan ustedes ,soy de venezuela y me han contado de que el actor ,sacha baron cohen y jonny depp van hacer de freddie mercury ,ahora lo que yo no entiendo es porque jonny, el no tiene ni siquiera el fisico de mercury, el que si tiene el fisico de mercury es, sacha baron cohen espero que la pelicula tenga exito asi que los voy a felicitar asi que fue un placer
Venezuela,Caracas,Empresa.Telefonica Movistar

Don't worry, right now there's nothing but rumour, and Johnny Depp's name was mentioned a while back too.

I personally don't think Cohen will go well with Freddie's persona. Better choose any other guy than Sacha!It will definitely take some time to find the real counterpart that is apt to play Freddie well. Freddie can never ever be replaced by no one, but I do hope that the person playing him will give his very best to bring back at least a little bit of his overwhelming theatrical as well as vulnerable personality. Freddie will live forever not only for his beloved ones but for his many many fans who still love him (like he used to do.)


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