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Sam Neill joins Daybreakers vampire film

SamNeill.jpgDaybreakers is another vampire film, or so I thought until I heard the first casting announcement revealed that Ethan Hawke signed onboard, well now there's another casting announcement to suggest that this film will be different. Sam Neill has joined the cast.

Sam Neill is a superb actor, and certainly adds as lot of gravitas to the film, as does Ethan Hawke. It does make you wonder that perhaps there is going to be something slightly different about this film.

This latest news is from Teletext News, but the previous Hawke announcement has the plot.

...in a world where vampires rule and humans are scarce. In 2017 a plague has changed most of the world population into vampiric creatures, and now humans are facing extinction. Vampires are now catching humans and farming them like cattle, but even then stocks are dwindling. However a group of vampires find out some secret that could save them all...

It does sound like a slightly different take on the whole genre, and I do hope that Hawke and Neill are going to be given the opportunity to flex their acting chops rather than just buying in big names for the film.

Is the vampire genre like the zombie genre though? A bit too worn and visited?



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