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Schwarzenenger will appear in Terminator 4,5 and 6

Arnie.jpgYesterday we wrote about how the Terminator series was set to continue under new management, and that the old crew wouldn't appear in the films, well that isn't strictly true. It looks like Arnold Schwarzenenger will be appearing in them through the magic of CGI.

Apparently he will be lending his likeness through his whole career to the robots we'll see in the films. Not only stock images but there are negotiations to try and gain a face cast from him in order to do a full computer model.

Now the news from Moviehole should be considered carefully by Arnie because once he gives that cast they can spend the money to model him in and then use it in every film as though he was acting, just without the added salary and benefits. He should make sure he's getting a computer model performance fee!

According to representatives of the company who now own the series, Arnie is signed on as an Executive Producer for all three films, which means anything from working to just sitting collecting a cheque for attaching his name to it. They are also discussing "further appearance licensing".

"We’ll be using computer altered stock images of Arnold. That way we can span his entire career, from the frightening 80’s era Terminator to the ice cool T2 version"

Nice. So he will be back, just as we always new him. I love that news.



That makes sense. He's getting too old but it would a really bad decision to not use his iconic character in the upcoming films.


Brilliant idea and i bet the effects and stories will be great,news i have always wanted to hear,thanks.

Oh wow! I can not believe I missed this news!


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