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Scott Sigler’s Infested is bought

Scott Sigler's next novel and its sequel have been bought for a film deal by Rogue Pictures and Random House Films, and the story sounds superb.

The story is about a CIA black ops specialist and a CDC (Center for Disease Control) scientist who team up to try to stop a deadly and rapidly spreading parasite whos bite turns people into crazed serial killers. Following the trail of dead bodies they find a man who is fighting for control of both his mind and body.

The plot outline from The Hollywood Reporter does sound an interesting story, and similar to the idea behind M. Night Shyamalan's The Happening, although there the spore that is infecting people is causing them to kill themselves.

Still, similarities aside it does sound like a great story, and Scott Sigler is a well respected and proven author, let's hope his story can hold out to the big screen.



Thanks to your post, I just read about THE HAPPENING. Damn, that sounds kind of cool. I'll be at the theater. It might be similar in concept, I'm not sure, depends on how M. Night handles it. However, there is another level to the INFECTION biological process that wouldn't be in THE HAPPENING. It's hard to communicate the goodness without giving away the plot, but I hope people pick up the INFESTED novel in June and see for themselves.



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