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Scriptwriter talks Teen Titans

TeenTitans.jpgMark Verheiden has briefly mentioned his signing to write the Teen Titans film. Although he says he's too busy to write that much about it, he does give a couple of little snippets away.

Over on his blog he says how happy he is and gives away a few very early teases at the script.

I wish there were an emoticon big enough to express how thrilled I am to be involved in the project! I'm not a fan of super-early spoilers, but I will say the script involves the Nightwing character and will be exploring the Titans at an interesting (and universal) crossroads in their lives...

Well I'm not a big knowledge base for the Teen Titans, but having looked them up on Wikipedia and found it all rather interesting. Originally the Teen Titans were all sidekick characters who got together, however future incarnations of the team saw new superheroes in their own right joining.

I'm quite surprised that they've chosen Teen Titans over some of the other comic teams involved, but then I guess this is a cheaper answer to X-Men or perhaps a starter for ten for the Justice League.

What do you think about the new potential franchise, do you think it has some mileage?



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