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Severance to Bermuda Triangle

Severance.jpgThe creator of Severance, Chris Smith, has revealed his next project. Triangle, and yes it's based around The Bermuda Triangle but with an incredibly interesting twist.

Smith says that he's been working on a script for this fil for about four years, and that it is a major step up in terms of budget and indeed of film.

"How it has to be handled is in a very sophisticated way...It's a psychological horror film set on an ocean liner. Weirdly, it's a movie that will play in time loops, like a character getting stuck in a glitch. That's what the Bermuda Triangle is and this character has to combat her way back. It's a slick idea that I will get bang-on right."

Is what he says to ShockTillYouDrop through Coming Soon.

Sounds an interesting idea, and I was immediately brought back to a book I read once called Passage by Connie Willis, a really interesting idea where her repeated near death experiences were bringing her on board an ocean liner and each time she has the chance to do something different based on her previous knowledge.

Still, it's just a plot outline so far and I'm not making any big connection. The idea though sounds superb, and I'm really interested in what comes out of this film, Chris Smith really is making a big name for himself what with Creep and now Severance.



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