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Sex and the City gains director but no cast

SexandtheCity.jpgSo Sex and the City has a director and we finally hear that there is most definitely going to be a Sex and the City film, well, almost.

Michael Patrick King is the man who has been given the task, a long time Executive Producer of the show. Mario Cantone, who starred in the series, has always been the one breaking the news and here it's no different.

"Michael Patrick King was kind of the creative force behind that show, [and] he's going to be writing and directing the movie…I've known him for 24 years. He was always very brilliant. I think he's one of the best writers and directors in television. With him at the helm, it should be damn good."

However Cantone is also very honest about where they are with the project and over at MTV Movies Blog he says that none of the stars have signed up to the film yet, not even he has.

So despite the film gaining a director, it hasn't gained any of the stars, the Sex and the City film is still a long way off.



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