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Shrek the Third clips online

Shrek.jpgA few new clips for Shrek the Third (I just typed Shrek 4!) have appeared online and they are looking pretty good.

I do find myself wondering though, how long is the whole Shrek universe is going to keep bringing original comedy to the big screen. I'm hoping it never fades, however many films they make.

This outing sees Shrek and Fiona taking up as King and Queen of the realm of Far, Far Away after King Harold dies. However there's another rightful heir to the throne and Shrek would rather he takes the job, so he heads off to find him. Artie is an typical high school guy who isn't really interested in being a King, even if he is Fiona's cousin, but Shrek and his friends will find a way to persuade him. However Prince Charming sees a chance at grabbing the throne back...

The clips are over at Rope of Silicon and there's of them. Enjoy.



Shrek movies have been very entertaining and this one will sit just nicely in there as well.

I actually think they made the first one 'too' good and are finding it increasiling difficult to reproduce the complete magic


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