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Sopranos film prequel?

JamesGandolfini.jpgThe Sopranos creator has never really entertained the idea that there could be a film version of the television series, but now he might just be thinking that there's something in it after the Producer of Oz suggested a possible take on the story.

Tom Fontana suggested to David Chase that he take the story back to Tony Sopranos grandparents and their first arrival in America and the beginnings of the mob. Now, according to the newly created MTV Blog, he's seriously thinking about it.

"I had never thought about that. That was interesting to me."

Sure it might be a new idea, and the Sopranos creator could take a new slant to the whole Godfather idea, but let's look at how the series has been going, and the one currently running on UK terrestial TV is so dull I gave up on it. The idea of the mob is gone and it's just a bunch of idiots hanging around making crazy decisions and trying to fight each other for nothing.

Can you see this working? The Sopranos style taken to the Godfather stories? I think it could, but would it cover anything new?



I can see this going but only if they go back to the gritty and interesting stories that made up the first few seasons of the show because I have to say, I've been sorely disappointed by the episodes of this last season. It looks like the show may go out on a whimper rather than a bang. If that's the case, they may want to consider waiting a few years before jumping into this otherwise, I doubt the fans will have any interest.

Hey Richard, here's something cool.

Tom Fontana actually handed me my BA diploma when I graduated from Buff. State. He was writing OZ at the time.

Now that is cool Brad, did you get a photo?

Oh Marina, it is sad that it has dwindled. I'm so hoping that last season turns the whole thing around though and brings back the power of the first few series.


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