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Spawn 2 begins

Spawn.jpgTodd McFarlane is set to finance the script development for the sequel to Spawn, Spawn 2, or rather as it is going to be called, Spawn.

Todd McFarlane is the man who created the Spawn comic books and also produced the first film.

According to Home Media Magazine through Bloody Disgusting he is currently writing the script and that this film will have no ties whatsoever to the first film, apart from the character himself I would assume.

For most Spawn fans I would think that this is a blessing. He also says that the film will be darker and creepier, here's exactly what he says about his plans for the story:

"I can make a spooky, suspenseful thriller that will scare the crap out of you."

I think we're probably all hoping that he really can. Did anyone see the first film? Is it really as bad as the reviews say?



I didn't know anything about Spawn before seeing the movie so my opinion may not count, but I enjoyed it. There were a lot of campy, throw-away moments which probably killed it for most people. Seeing everything the suit could do was pretty interesting even that long ago. No telling what they could do with the look of the character with as far as technology has come.

The first was rather crap, but it did a surprising number of things right for all the shit it gets. Sheen was dead on in the looks department for Wynn(?), and John Leguizamo was pefect as the clown in every way -- looks, creepy perverted vibe. The problem was that stupid white kid and the dog. They tried to turn a very dark, angsty comic into a touching, family friendly film. My worry is that they'll throw the baby out with the bath water -- in an attempt to distance the new film from the old, they won't do what they did right in the first again.


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