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Spider-Man 4,5 and 6 confirmed by Sony

Spiderman3 Poster.jpgAfter not being sure if Spider-Man 4 would be made, it seems that word from Sony Pictures Chief Executive, Michael Lynton, is that there will be three more films at least.

Sam Raimi had already said that Sony plans for at least six films in the franchise, but this is the official word fro Sony, and it hints that perhaps the lead names are more interested in returning than they've previously let on.

The quote from the Sony Chief comes from the BBC:

"Everybody has every intention of making a fourth, a fifth and a sixth and on and on."...There would be "as many as we can make good stories for", he pledged.

Well, that could mean any number as long as we keep buying tickets, but what will keep us buying tickets? Is it Raimi, Maguire, Dunst even? Is it down to the effects or the strong stories we've seen so far? What is going to make you come back for another helping? For me it's Raimi and the story.



Didn't even read the post; just read the title. My thoughts?

May the good lord save us all.

They're following the Rocky market strategy.

for me spider-man 4 is the good idea
hello age bryan


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