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Spider-Man 4 villain rumours begin

Spiderman3_Poster.jpgThe talk is that the Spider-Man 4 villians have been revealed by their appearances in Spider-Man 3, although it seems to have been forgotten that so many other villains have been planted in the films and haven't necessarily appeared in the following movie.

Apparently though, one of those pesky insiders has come out and talked about how the Lizard will be one of the villains in Spider-Man 4, that film that no one is even sure they are doing yet. So salt shakers at the ready.

According to Freeze Dried Movies through Moviehole they have the first hand knowledge of who will be the villains in the, as yet unconfirmed, fourth film. Beware, there are possible spoilers for both the third and fourth films.

"In the third entry, Dr. Curt Connors (played by Dylan Baker) looks at a piece of symbiote with Peter Parker. The movie then travels along it's path without another mention of that "piece" of symbiote. This is the set up for Spider-Man 4 where that small piece of alien symbiote becomes CARNAGE."

Okay, well we've seen these set-up's before, and this one is a particular stretch, but still, let's move on.

"Connors is set to become the long awaited LIZARD! these two villains have all been CONFIRMED for Spider-Man 4. There is talk of the Black Cat making her first appearance, but that's all but official."

Black Cat isn't official? Well neither are any of the rest so bear that in mind. It's interesting that both Lizard and Black Cat were touted as being in the third film during the early stages so anything could happen yet, particularly since no one has really decided on the next film.

Clint thinks that the next film depends on the studio agreeing to pay Maguire his US$35 million fee for a return, with the money that Spidey is making right now I don't think that's a problem, it's really if the rest of the team stay on board.

Clean sheet, and any choice of baddie, who do you want to see going against Spider-Man in a fourth outing? I like the Carnage idea, although being of the cartoon series era I'd love to see Lizard Man too.



Lizard Man?

Well The Lizard...whatever you would like to call him. I just remember the cartoons in the swamp with him in his white lab coat...

The lizard would be cool but what happend to venom no one seems to care about the fact that he only had 20-30mins of screen time in sm3. I was disappointed because they didn' even show how strong he was. And if he came back in sm4.. well lets hope they dont f dis one up!

i think you should do the Rhino guy from the cartoon in the next movie. He would be really cool to see spider man fight.

you meen dr conner (the lizard guy) and i think it would be cool if chaos was init aswell

Spidey 4 will have Both Spiderman and Venom (Eddie wasn't killed and he still retained half the symbiote) fighting Carnage and the Lizard to keep the Maximum Carnage storyline.

It will be CARNAGE and lizard

Spidey-4 villians are going to be a more powerful Venom and the Lizard.

Venom and Lizard. Carnage may be introduced at the end of 4 or the beginning of 5.

Well the latest news is that the production team are looking for a writer, so the film is in its very early stages right now, so anything could happen.

A female hero or villan would be an excellent addition to the next Spidey film, my daughter & her freinds did not want to see the last movie because if the lack of female empowrement, the Fantastic 4 sequel put us to sleep, also let's pray that Halle does not don the cat suit again, only appealing thing about that film was how hot she looked.


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