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Stalked: African Aids, Vintners Luck, Lau and Q and women's basketball

MaggieQ.jpgNiki Caro and Keisha Castle-Hughes are teaming up again for the film The Vintner's Luck while Andy Lau and Maggie Q are set to join for Three Kingdoms: Resurrection of the Dragon.

There's a new documentary which sounds incredibly moving, Angels in the Dust talks of the life of South African children orphaned through AIDS, and Ellen Burstyn, Carla Gugino and David Boreanaz will star in an all women's basketball film.

Three Kingdoms: Resurrection of the Dragon sees Andy Lau and Maggie Q team up in the US$20 million historic action film which carries little detail other than the Variety story telling us that Sammo Hung, Charlie Yeung, Yu Rongguang and Andy Oh are also starring and Daniel Lee is set to direct.

Meanwhile another team up of Niki Caro and Keisha Castle-Hughes will be seen on The Vintner's Luck. They were first together on the film Whaler Rider, and will now work together again on the set of this 19th century fantasy romance which was adapted by Caro from the Elizabeth Knox novel. According to the Variety story Caro will also direct.

Angels in the Dust is a documentary by Louise Hogarth which looks at the AIDS crisis in South Africa through the eyes of the affected Orphans. It is the story of Marion Cloete who walked away from a privileged life in Johannesburg to establish a village and school which would provide shelter, food and education to South African children orphaned by the AIDS epidemic. Think of that for a moment, an entire village for these orphans. Variety has the story.

Finally, Ellen Burstyn, Carla Gugino and David Boreanaz have joined a Our Lady of Victory about the Immaculata College women's basketball team which came from underdog to victory in the National Women's Collegiate Championship in 1972. Gugino is the coach with Boreanaz playing her husband, expect lots of male angst, misunderstanding and lack of support until they start to win.



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