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Stalked: Caine is god, Barker's Books of Blood and Iron Man

IronManArmour.jpgMichael Caine is god after all, six of Cliver Barker's Books of Blood are in screenplay format, and the Iron Man suit is confirmed.

Michael Caine is set to play God in a new fantasy film based on Jostein Gaarder's novel Sophies World. The story looks at a teenager who receives mysterious philosophical messages that help guide her on a journey through space and time. The book has been translated into fifty four languages and has sold more than thirty five million copies worldwide.

According to Time Out the script is being adapted by the Swedish writer Malle Jensen and will be a US production.

Clive Barker's Midnight Meat Train may not be the only Books of Blood story set for adaptation. According to Shock Till You Drop through HorrorMovies.ca, there are "five or six" of the short stories already adapted into screenplays.

Oh, and the Iron Man armour to be used in the film has been revealed, again. This is the official look of the new Iron Man suit he wears in the film, the final suit it seems, or the Mark III. Just like my first Escort! The details come from Entertainment Weekly who have the full image through Superhero Hype.



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