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Stalked: Cassandra's Dream, The Happening, The Oxford Murders, Hercules

ZooeyDeschanel.jpgWoody Allen's Cassandra's Dream film gets bought in Cannes, Zooey Deschanel joins M. Night Shyamalan's The Happening, Alex de la Iglesia's The Oxford Murders gets a distribution deal, and Hercules is coming back to the big screen.

Woody Allen's Cassandra's Dream has been saved by the Weinstein Company. Previously, on Filmstalker, we heard that Allen was having a hard time selling the film to distributors, well now it looks like he's finally managed and the Weinstein Company have bought the rights to distribute the film in U.S., Australian, and New Zealand. Over at Variety both Harvey Weinstein and Woody Allen were quick to praise each other:

Harvey Weinstein is "one of the only producers-distributors around who actually can see beyond the grosses and gets real pleasure out of presenting fine movies," Allen said. "Woody Allen has once again poured his tremendous passion and talent into creating a very powerful and compelling drama," Weinstein said.

Zooey Deschanel is the latest talent to sign for M. Night Shyamalan's The Happening. This is the horror film that sees the Earth fighting back against the parasitic disease that is humanity. She's joining Mark Wahlberg who has already signed. The story comes from Variety.

I just experienced Alex de la Iglesia at the Dead by Dawn Horror Festival, and despite being a bit mad his film La habitación del niño (The Baby's Room) (Filmstalker review) was really good. Now he's in Western cinema and he's filming The Oxford Murders with Elijah Wood and John Hurt. Variety has the word that Thinkfilm have bought the distribution rights for a number of countries, and the good news is that it seems set to spread across Europe. Through the various deal it will be seen through Spain, Italy, France, UK, Germany, Brazil, Eastern Europe, the Middle East, Greece, Hong Kong.

Hercules is set to return to the big screen courtesy of Millenium Films following on from the success of 300 (Filmstalker review). According to Variety the script is written and the film is pushing through production right now. Hercules was a Greek god who had superhuman strength. The character has seen a long outing in Italian films, as well as the US TV series.



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