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Stalked: Cassell, Mikkelsen, Molina, SIMS and Bullock

VincentCassel.jpgHere's a roundup of some stories that I've not been able to keep you up with over the last few days.

SIMS, the computer game which has no plot whatsoever, it is a mere engine for you to create something, is going to have a film made out of it. Scraping comes to mind.

There's footage out of Vincent Cassel in his role as the infamous French gangster in a double bill of films which will chronicle his career of crime, and he's looking superb.

Mads Mikkelsen is joining William Friedkin's film Igor & Coco which tells the story of a romance between Igor Stravinsky and Coco Chanel.

Alfred Molina is joining After.Life with Kate Bosworth, a film that tells the struggle of a woman to try to come back to life before her body is buried.

Sandra Bullock continues to pound her career to death with another romantic comedy.

Canada and Korea are working on a film called Anti-Hero which tells the story of a world of superpowered people and only one normal guy.

There's going to be a film about the SIMS computer game according to Variety. Yes, that's what I thought, where is there anything to do with a plot in that? Perhaps there could be something about people controlling characters in computer systems or something, but other than that there is no content in this idea what so ever.

That's the line that the studio are taking too, having infinite power over a world which you can control, and if that's the idea I wonder why they're having to team up with the studio to make a film about that idea, they admit it is one of the oldest stories around so why not just make that story without the studio? Tie in. That's the answer, expect to see SIMS versions of the film and big tie in marketing going on.

Vincent Cassel is starring in a double header about the French gangster Jacques Mesrine in L'Instinct de Mort (Death Instinct) and L'Ennemi public no. 1 (Public Enemy No.1), films that were to star his father Cassel before his death. Now there's a couple of pictures of Cassel in the role with some on set footage, and the transformation is amazing. You can see him in his role over at Twitch.

Mads Mikkelsen and Marina Hands are starring as Igor Stravinsky and Coco Chanel in Coco & Igor by William Friedkin. The film will tell the story of these two lovers and is adapted from the novel by Chris GreenHalgh. The story comes from Coming Soon.

Alfred Molina is joining the cast of After.Life also starring Kate Bosworth and directed by Agnieszka Wojtowicz-Vosloo. The film tells the story of a woman who is fighting between life and death to try and avoid being buried alive, seems like she'll be doing the fighting from the after life while Molina is the funeral director who controls her fate, presumably not knowing that she really is alive...somehow. The story comes from Coming Soon through Cinema Blend

Sandra Bullock is continuing her career run of romantic comedies with another romantic comedy. The Proposal is a story about a female executive who is threatened with deportation to Canada, and to stay in the country and her demanding career she decides to enter into a fake engagement and marriage with her male personal assistant. There's no director and the script from Peter Chiarelli sounds like many films before. The story comes from Variety.

Anti-Hero is a film being made between Canadian and South Korean production companies that will tell the story of a world where every person has a special ability, apart from one. The film is written by Ali Mashayekhi, will be directed by Junga Song and hopes to gain both US and Korean stars for the film. The story comes from Variety.



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