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Stalked: Cusack, Gordon-Levitt and novel adaptations

JohnCusack.jpgI'm out all day and heading out the door now, so here's a bunch of stalked news...

John Cusack has signed to Jan de Bont's action film Stopping Power. He plays a test pilot who races through a series of high speed chases to catch an escaped thief and rescue his daughter.
From Yahoo Movies.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt has joined the film Frog King which is from Bret Easton Ellis' screenplay and directed by first time director Darren Star.
From Yahoo Movies.

GreeneStreet Films have optioned a novel called The Contortionist's Handbook by Craig Clevenger. It is a 2002 best seller which focuses on a man who changes identities to cover his tracks as he's really a master forger. However he meets a woman, falls in love, and faces a big conflict, especially when she appears to be hiding something herself.
From The Hollywood Reporter.

Kopelson Entertainment have spent a six figure sum to secure the rights to Michael Scott's unfinished novel Otherworld and have secured him to adapt for a screenplay. It tells the the story of ancient demons being unleashed on the world by global warming, Interesting idea, and a tie in that's sure to capture our imaginations.
From Variety.

Frank Miller's Ronin has been taken up by Warner Brothers. Sylvian White is in negotiations to direct according to the story, although back in February we heard he was signed up. The screenplay will be based on White's treatment.
From The Hollywood Reporter



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