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Stalked: Dark Knight, Mutant Chronicles sites live

TheMutantChronicles_Poster.jpgThanks to Ramchandra for the reminder that the official site for The Dark Knight is live, and there's also news today that the official site for The Mutant Chronicles has appeared online too.

The Dark Knight goes live with a nice logo and not much else.

While The Mutant Chronicles, through JoBlo has a bit more to it with outlines of the film and the crew as well as some video production diaries, however most of it carries the usual "coming soon" placeholder.

I'm really interesting in both films, but perhaps I'm most in The Mutant Chronicles because I'm unsure of the material and how it's going to turn out. It is already starting to look intriguing though.



One simple logo & I'm pretty excited, still got over a year left yet ... :(

I'm soooo looking forward to The Dark Knight, even with this summer of blockbuster movies lined up I can't wait till next summer.


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