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Stalked: Fishburne Tortured and Swank in Fangland

HilarySwank.jpgLaurnce Fishburne is set to join Cole Hauser in a crime thriller called Tortured, and Hilary Swank is sticking with horror in the poor sounding Fangland.

Looking at the recent film choices of Hilary Swank it's hard to believe she turned out such a stunning performance in Million Dollar Baby. Well Page Six through JoBlo have the news that she's sticking to horror as she's set to appear in Fangland, the adaptation of the John Marks novel about a contemporary look at the Dracula story.

Evangeline Harker is a news reporter that heads to Romania to investigate a legendary criminal figure, Ion Torgu. A local tells a terrible tale of a supernatural plague that affected the community (The Reaping?), she is locked in the local hotel after meeting Torgu, etc. It seems to parallel Dracula and yet turns a new look to the story.

It sounds interesting, but is the actress losing her way from her previous wonderful performances?

Laurence Fishburne and Cole Hauser are teaming up in a crime thriller called Tortured. According to Variety the story will focus on an undercover FBI agent, played by Hauser, who infiltrates one of the world's most powerful crime syndicates. When he finally breaks into the inner ranks he is given the job of torturing one of their accountants, played by Fishburne.

It sounds quite interesting, but nothing major. What we can hope for is that the film concentrates on these two characters and we get something a little special from these actors. We know they've got it in them.



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