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Stalked: Hartnett in Hong Kong Rain, Roberts confirms Dark Knight

JoshHartnett.jpgJosh Hartnett is set to star in an interesting sounding I Come WIth the Rain, and Eric Roberts has confirmed his role in The Dark Knight.

Josh Hartnett is starring in a film called I Come WIth the Rain playing a private detective who is haunted by a past encounter with a serial killer. He heads off to the Far East to search for a missing heir who has the power to heal with his touch, presumably to cure him of his ills. Tran Nu Yên-Khê is already signed and Tran Anh Hung is set to direct the film from his own script. Sounds a great choice for Hartnett, a strong role, and something we've not seen much of. The story comes from Variety.

Meanwhile Eric Roberts is heading in the opposite direction towards the Hollywood light as he confirms that he's going to be starring in The Dark Knight. Through Obsessed With Film and Batman on Film, IF Magazine interview him:

"I'm a Mafioso in THE DARK KNIGHT and I haven't seen the script; all I've seen is the pages they sent me to audition. It's all very hush hush...I have interactions with both Heath Ledger and Christian Bale and I am a bad guy. It was thanks to HEROES that I started to get this new found appreciation for the comic book genre."

Well at least he handled that better than Heath Ledger did his announcement!



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