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Stalked: Pitt or Butler in He-Man, Rodriguez directs Jetsons, Biel in Street Fighter?

BradPitt.jpgI've been staying clear of a few rumours because they sound ridiculous, but perhaps not after all as some more momentum pours behind them. Brad Pitt as He-Man, Robert Rodriguez directing Jetsons and Jessica Biel as an Asian Street Fighter? This does all sound a little mad doesn't it?

That's why I ignored them to begin with, but then it seems they really are gaining some weight. So let's tackle them in reverse order...

Jessican Biel is being rumoured to be taking on the the role of Chun-Li in the new Street Fighter film. Well that might upset a few purists, although she could play the part really well I don't think tying herself to this character and this series is really going to help her career, unless she knows something about the new film that we don't, which is entirely possible. However it just seems a bad choice, and OwF agree. The news comes from Latino Review from Obsessed With Film.

Then there's the Robert Rodriguez directing a live action version of The Jetsons cartoon before he heads onto Sin City 2. What I hear you cry? Well that's exactly what I said when I heard it. My first throught was a live action Jetsons film?! Did The Flintstones really do that well? Then there's the thought of Robert Rodriguez spending his time on this. Perhaps it's a studio film to raise some funds to do something interesting? Same news sources as above, although AICN have a confirmation from Rodriguez himself, according Moviehole, although it's no sure thing yet he says.

Finally there's the killer. Brad Pitt in the He-Man and the Masters of the Universe film? No way. The film had been put into turnaround as they redeveloped the idea, and now it seems that they are going to try and take it forward again, although I haven't heard anything about a script, director, or even funding. So the story really is that the gossip tabloid The Sun has the amusing thought that Pitt could be He-Man. Through Cinema Blend we hear that the usual source has the comment that Legendary Pictures are keen on Pitt for the role, and that Gerard Butler is still in the running.

So back off a minute and take a deep breath. This is random speculation with seemingly nothing else in place to get the film made. This is serious rumour territory. Could you really see Pitt taking on He-Man?




Jessica Biel will not play Chun Li in the Street Fighter movie but Latino Review made a false story on their website.
Legendary Pictures will produce the 80's cartoon series Masters of the Universe and Brad Pitt may play He-Man but it's not really true but there could be other actors like Australian actor Travis Fimmel to play He-Man or maybe Jason Lewis.
There will be more on He-Man movie if Brad Pitt takes the role or other actors wanting to play He-Man.
Thank You.


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