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Stalked: Polanski walks out, three Chanel films and Swedish zombie remake

AudreyTautou.jpgAudrey Tautou is set to play Coco Chanel while William Friedkin works on another Chanel film, more European films are being remade with the latest being a Swedish zombie film, and Roman Polanski embarasses himself at Cannes.

Audrey Tautou is set to play Coco Chanel in a French film about the fashion leader before she was famous, wealthy and influencial. According to the story in Yahoo News there are two other Chanel films in development, one biographical film by Danièle Thompson and another by William Friedkin about her relationship with the composer Ivor Stravinsky.

Maverick Red is a production house that is really pushing out the remakes just now, and the latest is Paradise Lost, a remake of a Swedish zombie film. They're also working on the remake of the Korean film My Sassy Girl with Elisha Cuthbert and a remake of the French film Labyrinth with Hilary Swank involved. Come on Hollywood, look to the writing talent. Variety has the story.

Roman Polanski walked out of a press conference at Cannes because the questions were boring him. According to Yahoo News he was being asked about the future of cinema and the digital age and he had a little tantrum:

"It's a shame to have such poor questions, such empty questions...And I think that it's really the computer which has brought you down to this level. You're no longer interested in what's going on in the cinema."

What else can we blame the computer and the internet for now? How about making some more engaging cinema, that might work instead. What was funny is that there were a few other directors at the conference and they all remained while Polanski disappeared.



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