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Stalked: Suvari erotic games and Owen gets emotional

MenaSuvari.jpgClive Owen is starring in an emotionally charged single parent film, while Mena Suvari and Caterina Murino are engaging in erotic games with Richard E. Grant.

Capital Films is selling the worldwide rights to a film called The Boys Are Back in Town, an Australian film directed by Scott Hicks and starring Clive Owen.

The film is adapted from Simon Carr's memoir of losing his wife to cancer and becoming the single parent of two boys, a particularly heart wrenching tale I would assume, and a nice change of pace for Owen. The story comes from Variety.

Mena Suvari, Jack Huston, Caterina Murino and Richard E. Grant are starring in The Garden of Eden, a new adaptation of the Ernest Hemingway novel which will be directed by John Irvin, according to Variety.

The story is set in the age of Jazz and sees a successful young American novelist embarking on a honeymoon across Europe with his wife, played by Suvari. She introduces a sultry young Italian girl to the relationship, played by Murino, to spice their sex life up, and as she does the relationship begins to come under pressure. Oh lord, Suvari and Murino?



This is starting to sound like every man's wet dream. Wow.

This film has now been given an investors' showing at Leicester Square during July 08. Caterina Murino showed up for the at least 1 of these.
The film is an excellent production with, probably, award winning cinematography. The acting is 'spot-on' and highly captivating by all of the main characters. The potential downside of the film is that it is not a typical 'start-middle-end' type film; the story develops and the mixed relationships develop to be razor sharp. If you are prepared to get into this slightly deep film, then it is an absolute must to see.


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