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Stalked: Wildlife Roberts, Hawn directs Russell and Kane & Lynch Director

JuliaRoberts.jpgOne new story and a couple old. Julia Roberts is to play the murdered wildlife conservationist Joan Root, while we hear again that Goldie Hawn is to direct Kurt Russell and there's a Director in talks for the Eidos game Kane and Lynch.

In February we heard that Lionsgate had bought the rights to the as yet unmade Kane and Lynch videogame. Now from Variety we hear that Jieho Lee, who wrote and directed The Air That I Breathe which starred the big names of Forest Whitaker, Kevin Bacon and Andy Garcia, is in talks. They also say that there are two scripts in development at the same time, one from Kyle Ward and the other from Bob DeRosa. Perhaps one of these, or both, will be used for the final film.

Another previously heard story is that Goldie Hawn is to direct Kurt Russell in a new film. Last year the story broke about the film Ashes to Ashes where Russell described is character as the lead and a mysterious character.

Now from Cinema Blend we hear that the film is about a woman who travels through India to bury her husband’s ashes in Kathmandu, however she loses them on the way. It's a romantic comedy. Since we know that Russell is playing the lead, does this mean he's the guy in the urn or the new romantic love interest?

Ah well. Never mind. It's not going to be an earth shattering film, something to wash over you and provide some entertainment. I just wish we could see Russell in something a lot more serious.

Finally, Julia Roberts is going to be playing Joan Root who was a famous African wildlife conservationist who was murdered in her Kenyan home in January. The film will follow her early life with her wildlife documentarian husband, and after her divorce her move back to Lake Naivasha where she worked to save the lake from the flower-farm industry that was destroying it. The story comes from The Hollywood Reporter



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