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Stanford Prison Experiment gets distribution deal

DasExperiment.jpgThe Stanford Prison Experiment has had the international sales rights bought and looks set to go ahead. This is the film by Christopher McQuarrie that is based on the true story of Doctor Philip Zimbardo's experiments into human behaviour at Stanford University in 1971.

The Doctor took volunteers and split them up offering one set the role of guards and the other of prisoners. They were placed in a mock prison and asked to carry out duties as if they were really guards and prisoners. However the situations escalated and their relationships fell apart incredibly quickly, resulting in abuse of the prisoners. The experiment was stopped well before they were due to finish.

The film is written by Christopher McQuarrie and Tim Talbott and Variety tells us that it will star Kieran Culkin, Paul Dano, Jesse Eisenberg, Charlie Hunnam, Ben McKenzie, Ryan Phillippe and Channing Tatum. It will even shoot on the Stanford campus in California.

McQuarrie is an excellent script writer, so The Stanford Prison Experiment should be an interesting story. It's already hit controversy when the production company went to court with another Stanford film over allegations that the other production had obtained information on their production to help their own film. However this looks like it might be all cleared up.

I've seen the German Das Experiment and I have it in my collection, it's a very powerful film with a superb performance by Moritz Bleibtreu once again. Well worth watching before this version comes out.



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