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Stigmata sequel appears

GabrielByrne.jpgStigmata was a pretty good film which had a poor theatrical ending, although the alternative DVD ending was much better. Now it's being rumoured that a sequel is in development.

The original told hte story of a young woman, far from religious, who started showing signs of stigmata. A priest is despatched to investigate if it is real or not, and finds that neither the Church nor the woman want it to be real. She wants it to be over and the Church fear that their power will be threatened with her religious words.

Gabriel Byrne played the priest superbly, and Patricia Arquette and Jonathan Pryce were equally as strong. Stigmata carried a very distinct style which was quite different to other films of the same subject matter, and it really had a strength in that aspect.

There's no real word from ShockTilYouDrop on the sequel other than the original Producer, Frank Mancuso Jr., is at work on the idea and is currently looking for writers for the script. I hope they don't go half arsed at this one and really try and top the first.



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