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Stilleto announces a cool cast

TomBerenger.jpgStilleto is an interesting sounding tale that's carrying an even more intriguing cast with names such as Tom Berenger, Michael Biehn, Kelly Hu, William Forsythe, Tom Sizemore and Diane Venora.

Dominique Swain and Amanda Brooks also star, and Stana Katic of Heroes has just been announced.

Okay, so there is a feeling of past stars and hot young females here, but I'm being honest with you when I say that the plot sounds interesting, really. I'm not even talking about the interest of seeing Tom Berenger, Michael Biehn, William Forsythe and Tom Sizemore on screen together. Here's what the story from Yahoo News has on the film:

The seemingly random killings by Katic's character puzzle her lover, her clients and the detective following her rising body count. Berenger ("Training Day") plays her boyfriend, whose rise in organized crime is offset by his love for her and his Mafia cohort (Biehn of "Grindhouse").

Nick Vallelonga is directing from a first time screenplay by Paul Sloan, who also stars as the detective in the story.

Yeah, I know, it's got small time all over it, but really this idea sounds interesting, and these older actors could pile on a whole heap of goodness into the film.



Tom Berenger, is a Great actor for the his mood of to act, He remember Great Actor' how Marlon Brando, George Peppard, Spencer Tracy.
Tom Berenger is a Great actor how Marlon Brando, George Peppard and Spencer Tracy.

Tom Berenger, between the years 80' and 90'He has deserve of sure 2 Academy Award (2 oscar).

Tom Berenger, into film "Stiletto" is the actor that He make to go at super level this film.

Remembers, that Tom Berenger He has work into Year 1996, into film "The Substitute" with Diane Venora and William Forsyte


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