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Studio not happy with Assassination of Jesse James films

AssassinationJesseJames.jpgIt's been all quiet on the film The Assassination of Jesse James by the coward Robert Ford for some time. Starring Brad Pitt and Casey Affleck as Jesse James and Robert Ford respectively.

It seems as though it's caught up in the editing room, and that everyone is having a shot at putting out a version for the studio. The Director Andrew Dominik had a version that was over three hours long, Brad Pitt tried a cut too (he's a Producer on the film don't you know), as did another Producer Ridley Scott, and the editor Michael Kahn. None of them have been accepted apparently.

According to the LA Times through IGN and JoBlo, the studio wanted more of a western action film than the "dark, contemplative" version that the Director produced, and that test screenings haven't gone that well.

Still, Warner Brothers released a statement that they will be true to the filmmakers creative vision, but there's no word yet which version we'll see released come September, or if that release date will still be kept.

Be sure though, when the DVD arrives we may just get our hands on all these different cuts, and that would be a great film experience.



I don't get upset easy, but seriously... F*** the studio. This films early screenings have been AMAZINGLY positive, with a few big name directors calling it a masterpiece and along the lines of something Terrence Malick would do. Just F*** them for trying to change that. What in God's name is there problem? Why can't they just let these director's release these films the way they want to, especially after such positive screenings. An goddamn action western? A GODDAMN ACTION WESTERN????? GO WATCH AMERICAN OUTLAWS! Jeez...

Yes, chalk me up for wanting the 3 hour+ Malick-style version. There just aren't enough of these made, and if that is what the director intended, let it get out there. What you may lose in $$ you may gain in Prestige, and DVD sales usually make up the difference.

Jonathan said it well.

I'm disappointed that the studio is trying to take it the other way. I'm not a huge fan of westerns but I'm willing to sit through it if it has a Malick vibe.

Yeah, and I sounded a little harsh there, huh? I'm cranky when I wake up, what can I say...

But I still agree with what I said!


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