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Taps set for remake

Taps.jpgMore remake news, and another announcement that is set to remake a classic film. Taps was the 1981 comedy set in the Army that really kicked off Tom Cruise, Sean Penn and Timothy Hutton. Yes, you can see where I'm going with this, it's remake time.

Taps is a film that shows what Military Cadets at a training school decide to do when developers threaten to take away their future by knocking down the academy and building houses instead. They fight back. It's a great film and did a lot for these three actors.

So it's disappointing news, once again, to hear that the film is up for a remake. According to Variety the screenplay is being written by Frank E. Flowers who might possibly direct, of the project he said:

"The political climate and the psyche of the country make it an exciting time to tell that story...When you are at war, kids are forced to make decisions normally reserved for adults, like fighting for your country and standing up for what you believe in."

I don't know if the political times we're in really do make this story any more relevant than it was back then. Kids fighting for what they believe in back home in middle class America isn't something particularly heightened by the times we live in is it?

Surely there are tons of better stories out there that highlight the political climate much better than remaking this story?



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