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The Flying Scotsman in New Zealand and US

TheFlyingScotsman.jpgI received some updates on how The Flying Scotsman is doing in New Zealand and the US, and since I love the film so much and was lucky enough to be quoted on the New Zealand poster, I thought it only right to shout about it some more.

Last week the figures for The Flying Scotsman (Filmstalker review) in New Zealand were superb, it entered in fifth place and on its second week was sitting in second place behind Spider-Man 3 which was running on three times the number of screens. Behind it were Pathfinder, Shooter and Bobby, all running on more screens.

Meanwhile in the US the film is getting some other strong reviews:

The New York Sun

"...there are flashes of brilliance here. Director Douglas Mackinnon's racing footage...is riveting...the rare film that stays with its hero after the gold metal is placed around his neck and the chase for glory has come to an end."

Chicago Sun-Times

"Miller is a revelation here...Unlike so many motion pictures, where all forms of mental illness are interpreted by over-the-top acting, Miller's approach is far more realistic and likely similar to the true fight that millions face with this wide-spread affliction worldwide."

Washington Post

"Miller is key to the film's success, with his earnest, sweet-faced looks and evident dark side. He plays Obree with just the right understated intensity..."

Chicago Tribune

"Mackinnon, a TV star director making his theatrical feature debut here, has a flair for pace, colour and performances. The writing is more heartfelt than usual for a movie like this..."

Keep your eyes open for the UK release...Anyone else seen it yet?



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