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The fourth Terminator?

MarcusSchenkenberg.jpgCould this be the new Terminator for the fourth episode in the franchise? His name is Marcus Schenkenberg and he's a male model - surprise! Recently on Dutch TV he declared that he was signed up for a bunch of new projects, one of which he says is Terminator 4.

If this is right, and it's more than him speculating to get media attention and looked on for the role, he would make a decent Terminator. Personally I really love the size of Arnie from the Terminator and it feels better than one that looks like he's spent ages trying to look perfect rather than just huge and menacing.

Still, it would be a good look, plus it's a great picture from the female Filmstalkers! Marcus Schenkenberg also said that Arnold Schwarzenegger would be appearing in the film, but only briefly.

The guy hasn't had many big roles before, but a move to lead as a killer robot wouldn't be a big surprise, after all Arnie leapt forward in the same way. However this store from Coming Soon through Moviehole should be taken with a pinch of salt, after all, there's nothing like self promotion and fishing for a role.

I'm still not looking forward to Terminator 4 though, out of the hands of all of the original creatives, and with no ties to the past, it now moves into the era of "the future". For me a big part of the first films was the distance from "the future", and the ties with it.



I agree with you Richard. I would rather no more Terminator films than another one just for the sake of cashing in on what was once considered a classic science fiction franchise. I think these new set of films need fantastic storylines to continue and keep fans and new audiences queing for tickets. That's not to mention a good director... and actors!

Yeah I think they are fighting an uphill battle on this one. Of course they could pull it off, I just feel that everything that made the franchise great has gone.


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