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The Frolic

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This short is about a psychologist interviewing what would appear to be a serial killer and/or paedophile, someone so evil that he’s managed to get under the skin of the psychologist and is now inside his mind.

The problem with this is it’s a story that has been done before, and to make it succeed the audience has to believe that the killer has managed to get inside his head. However we don’t really get that sense, it does feel like we’re just watching events after the fact and they are presented to us.

So instead of slowly seeing the killer get into his mind, building the tension step by step, we just get shown it as a series of shots to say “look, this happened”. This meant that I wasn’t pulled into the story or placed any emotional weight with the characters, instead I just watched a series of scenes.

There’s no doubting that the man who played the killer looked good, but the rest of the film was pretty average. There seemed to be no meaning to any of it either, and at the end of it you could hear some of the audience wondering what or why.

The creepiness of the killer drawing the photos of the kids and giving a brief hint of what he had done touched on being effective, but in all it didn’t really work for me. Perhaps the most disappointing film of the Dead by Dawn Festival this year.

Dead by Dawn Horror Festival
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