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The Golden Age trailer for download in multiple formats

ElizabethGoldenAge.jpgThe trailer for the sequel to Elizabeth, The Golden Age, looked fantastic. Now I've managed to grab it in various formats, including direct download.

It's looking quite glorious, and at times extremely dramatic. It's a great role for the gorgeous Cate Blanchett, but can it stand up to the original? On trailer alone I'd say so.

So if you want to see it again, here's how.

High: Watch : Download Zip
Medium: Watch : Download Zip
Low: Watch : Download Zip

High: Watch : Download Zip
Medium: Watch : Download Zip
Low: Watch : Download Zip

Windows Media Player
High: Watch : Download Zip
Medium: Watch : Download Zip
Low: Watch : Download Zip



Awesome trailer. Best Director and Best Actor Oscar

They infact screwed up with the director, Shekhar Kapur, last time for not even nominating him. I'm sure he would be nominated for the Best Director this time. C'mon it's due for him as well. One really talented director he is..

I love this movie, I personally love to see Cate Blanchett winning Oscar for one of the most memorable portraits forever of Queen Elizabeth, and I think this movie should make payback for the 1999 one!!!

I loved the Movie, I thought there were some wonderfull individual performances, notably Blanchet's Elizabeth and Mary Queen of Scots.
I couldn't help seeing the Armada as the EU and hoping our Own Elizabeth would perhaps mount that charger and head off towards Parliament. I'm quite sure she'd have an army of supporters behind her.


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