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The Grindhouse release - your verdict

HarveyWeinstein.jpgSo the studio has decided that the failure of Grindhouse has been found, and it's all down to the fact that the film is just too long for the audience.

This I find surprising. Having just sat through an entire weekend of horror films almost back to back, with a complete all nighter at one point, and yet come the early hours of Monday morning as the festival finished the place was still packed.

So is it too long? Would you really not sit through the two films? Is it better to have them split and released months apart? Have your say.

I ran a poll about this recently and the results were interesting:

63% - In one 3 hour showing
25% - Not at all
6% - On DVD
3% - Split into two films released together
3% - Split into two films released weeks apart

That’s a surprising amount that just won’t see it at all, so the figures that the Weinstein’s should be interested in is 88% of you won’t be paying for tickets to see Grindhouse, and almost 72% of that group would pay for tickets if the film was released. Take note Weinstein Company, I think you’re cutting off your nose to spite your face, as they say.

Hap mentioned that this would make a good feature, if nothing else to gain your more expanded views and maybe see if the studio and distributor would take notice.

Apart from asking the obvious question it's also worth finding out from you where you stand with the two Directors work, are you a fan of each or not?

Then there's the big one, how would you prefer to see Grindhouse? A single double bill or split months apart as the current release schedule indicates?

If it does go for a split release what will you genuinely do? Will you still go and see it, spending twice the ticket price, wait for it on DVD, or will you avoid it entirely?



Wont be seeing this at all, out of principle, just so the money grubbing Weinsteins dont see any of our hard earned money!

gold tooth,

That's really too bad. A) You're missing out on a great movie. B) You're telling The Weinsteins (and hollywood in general) that you're not interested in seeing anything new or interesting. I bet you're going to see the shit that is Spider-Man and Pirates 3 though aren't you?

Now to the topic at hand. I totally understand and even sympathize with why The Weinsteins are doing this, but I still hate it. The movie was meant to be seen as a whole (though obviously QT doesn't care since Death Proof is in competition at Cannes).

I love both directors' work immensely and enjoyed both segments of Grindhouse but for different reasons. Would I still pay to see them both seperately? Sure. A) because I wouldn't have a choice and B) because I want to see both of their films. But it wouldn't be as much fun as it was the first time... it was an event with all my friends and it was a blast. I saw it again with another friend the next night.

Lastly, I don't think it is too long at all. BUT, we have to remember that we are in the very small minority of the movie going public. People don't want new and interesting or something that they have to "get." Grindhouse wasn't marketed at all, but even if it was, I think people looked at it and said to themselves, "What the hell is that?" People want simplicity and familiarity spoon fed to them like children. This is why shit like Spider-Man, Pirates, Harry Potter and Fantastic (suckfest) Four will make boatloads of cash, while good films like Little Children, United 93, Grindhouse and Wind that Shakes the Barley never see the light of day or recoup their financing costs.

I better stop ranting, I'm getting pissed at people.


PS - gold tooth. Go see frakkin Grindhouse. Wait til it hits the $1 theaters if you must, but go check it out. It's too bad you're missing out.

Drewbacca hit on exactly my problem with the situation. Grindhouse was great, but how do you object to them messing with the experience and doubling the cost without telling them you don't want to see something new and original? The sad truth is the damage is probably already done.

As to the directors, I like both, but Rodriguez is a lot more hit and miss than Tarantino for me. Once Upon a Time in Mexico was really disappointing in my opinion, but he always seems to bring something unique so I keep watching.

On the financial front, I'm sure Grindhouse will recoup its costs no matter how it's released. Unless they pull something really stupid with the DVD, I'm sure a large percentage of those of us who saw it at the theaters will eventually own it.

I was about to say "surely a film should ideally be seen the way it was meant to be seen", but then I pulled myself up short. I wonder now to what extent Grindhouse was really meant as a double bill, and to what extent it was always intended that the the two films could and should be taken separately.

Death Proof can stand on its own in my opinion, but it's a polarizing movie. You basically either love it or hate it. Planet Terror, on the other hand, needs to be seen as part of the experience. Without the context, it's like an over-the-top, even campier version of From Dusk Till Dawn with zombies instead of vampires. Don't get me wrong, it's great fun, but if an audience were under the impression it was a serious zombie horror, they might be disappointed.

Grindhouse failed because it was crap. One over indulgence to far.

I'd have to second Spartan. Death Proof was terrible, the trailers were surprisingly lame, and Planet Terror, while fun, was ultimately forgettable. Both directors did a far better job when they teamed up to make From Dusk Till Dawn.

I don't know if any of you realize this, because you talk like you are so smart and know all about directors and films, but both of these directors Tarantino and Rodriguez are complete hacks and rip off artists. Instead of spending money on two piece of crap movies, that two hacks made and completely ripped off other original directors, watch John Woo's THE KILLER, CITY ON FIRE, and even Army of Darkness (which Rodriguez rips off with the gun leg, its a chainsaw arm in army of Darkness and the helicopter cutting everyone up which in ARMY OF DARKNESS is a car with a spinning blade attached and instead of zombies they are killing skeletons that are alive). You talk like Grindhouse is some great film that is sooooo original but it is actually ripping off 1) GRINDHOUSE movies! and 2) Original directors who have talent. DONT WASTE YOUR MONEY

-sigh- The word "hack" is over used (I had to say it.)

I throughly enjoyed Grindhouse as did my husband, who went along only to keep me company because he's not really into these type of movies.

In fact, we both walked away from the theater talking about the movie and laughing at certain parts. We also felt that Death Proof was the better of the film though Planet Terror was fantastically fun and over the top.

I was very disappointed with how the film did at the box office, but at the same time not surprised. It's a niche movie, which the average movie goer will likely not step outside their "safe zone" to see. I went to see it on the 2nd weekend and though the movie theater wasn't packed there were a fair number of people.

In my opinion it's a crime people overseas won't be able to see Grindhouse in the theater as one whole film. To those interested in this type of film it's a great experience and a fun time. I wish I had had time to go see it again. I look forward to buying it on DVD and grabbing a bunch of friends to watch again.


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