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The Mummy 3 reveals more plot

TheMummy.jpgThe now older son of Rick O'Connell, played by Brendan Fraser, has been cast for The Mummy 3, and it's twenty six year old Australian actor, Luke Ford.

According to Rob Cohen he's a perfect choice for this film and the future of the Mummy series. The future? You mean they are planning more films after this one? Perhaps the next will see Brendan Fraser drop out and the whole series rest on the character of the son?

From the Variety piece we also hear some more of the plot:

Ford will play Alex O'Connell, the 20ish son of adventurer Rick O'Connell (Fraser), who journeys into the forbidden tombs of China and into the Himalayas, where they run into a new shape-shifting mummy, a former Chinese emperor who was cursed by a female wizard.

Jet Li plays the Mummy while Michelle Yeoh is to play the wizard who cursed him. Interestingly they also say that the studio had tested six other actresses to replace Rachel Weisz in the series, but it seems that they either decided that she couldn't be replaced or just that the story suited her being out of it.

Well having some of these names on board is more promising than some of the news we've been heard from The Mummy 3 before, but hearing that they are planning to pass the franchise onto another actor to lead just doesn't work for me. I've kept saying how the strong aspect of the story is the love between the two leads mirrored by that of the Mummy and his love, now moving away from Egypt, these characters, and the dropping of this plot line just seems to suggest something not so good.



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