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Transformers and Harry Potter clips online

OrderofthePheonix_Poster.jpgThere are some TV commercial teasers online for Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix and Transformers, and while there's nothing really earth shattering about them, they do provide a little bit of a new glimpse to the films.

First we have links to the six TV spots for Harry Potter and his double order of Phoenix with chips, from IESB:

TV Spot 1, TV Spot 2, TV Spot 3, TV Spot 4, TV Spot 5, TV Spot 6.

Next there are the two clips from Transformers, which I've managed to embed rather than sending you off elsewhere.

As I said, nothing hugely new, but some little clips that you won't have seen before and some ore excitement build up for the big events.



I've seen the Transformer TV spots while watching TV this weekend and I've seen a couple of the Harry Potter ones as well. The thing is - these movies don't open till July!! It's already proving a bit torturous for my daughter. lol


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