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Transformers International Trailer online

Transformers.jpgThere's an international trailer out for Transformers, and before you get too excited it's identical until half way through and then there's one snapshot difference, then it's the same right until the end. Well, almost the end, for the international trailer has an extra scene.

I honestly don't know why there's an extra scene there as it doesn't really do anything positive for the film, what it does is turn the whole tone of the film around. The previous trailer had a more adult feel to it, it felt like it could be dangerous and people could be in serious harm. However this international trailer suddenly turns that around with the single, final scene.

As we see Shia LaBeouf lean out of his bedroom window and tell Optimus Prime that his parents will freak if they see him it suddenly turns childish and silly. Now, after that scene closes, it feels much less impending doom, and more kids having fun with big toys.

Of course it is just one scene and they are taken out of context, so perhaps the two aspects of the film mix readily together, and perhaps this is just a little jokey scene, but still.

You can see this almost identical trailer over at Universal [Flash:Embed] through Michael Bay's blog.



After watching these trailers, I am stompedly excited. This movie rocks!


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