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Transformers sequel in development

MichaelBay.jpgI don't really think that there's any surprise that a sequel is in the works for Transformers even before the film has made it out onto the big screen, is it?

According to a piece in the LA Times there certainly is. In amongst comments from Michael Bay as the discuss his involvement in the film and Transformers the franchise they say:

The studio likes what it has seen and is already developing a "Transformers" sequel script.

I don't know where that comes from, but there's no big surprise that they wouldn't consider it. What's funny is that in the article found through Coming Soon, Bay goes on to discuss how he thinks that Transformers is the big underdog for the summer box office because, and get this, it's not a sequel.

Wow, what crazy logic. I really don't get that. Sequel it may not be but it has plenty of history, moreso than just about any of the other films out there vying for a chunk of that summer release. Plus the film is huge in every way, so how can he possibly think it's an underdog?



on july 3rd i went to see transformers and honestly, that movie blew my mind. tramsformers is easily top 3 of the best movies of all time. i loved it. when people make cartoons into movies one would expect it to be a little corny but not this one. everything was done to perfection, i dont even know if i blinked the whole time. michael bay, congrats !! the best movie i've seen in years and my new fave.

My favorite movie of all time, it was an honor to see this movie.

Haven't seen this yet, but the trailers look great and i will be making a point of buying it when it comes out on dvd.

Definitely THE best movie I have ever seen. The special effects were amazing and if there is a sequel to this, I can't wait.

We in the UK still have a couple of weeks to wait. :(

transformers......i have seen it twice already and im happy to say that i want my money to be used for making the sequel,transformers easily beats star wars as the greatist movie ever

I was a TF kid growing up (I am 29 now) and I would just like to further add that this is quite possibly the most awesome movie I have ever seen. I use the term awesome because it is not Citizen Kane however, from the instant Blackout transforms at the beginning and you hear the original sound they made in the cartoon you can't help but be rushed back to your childhood and you are in amazement at these things being brought to 'life'

My only wish is that if there is sequel 'and there should be' please put in more story of the Decepticons especially Starscream and give the bots more screen time.

Just saw the movie, loved it! Special effects rocked! Can't wait for a sequel, just less puny humans and more story of the autobots and decepticons. Watched the Gen 1 cartoons and would love to see, elaborated in movies, Starscream and Megatron's constant friction.

But [Comments removed as they are huge spoilers!] are both dead now :) Maybe Galvatron will come back in his place eh? :P

[Huge spoilers that reveal the ending of the film removed - Richard]

All of these factors open the door for the sequel. I can't wait. I've seen the movie 4 times already.
I've read some rumours on the internet that a Female Autobot (Arcee, I assume) was supposed to be in the film but was written out. Maybe she will appear in the sequel.

WOW!! Thats all i can say. This movie is one of the greatest movies of all time. I hope the sequel is as good as the first one and hopefully better. And if i could moke one request i would like Rachael Taylor and Megan Fox in it as well cuz they make the movie that much better. Because of this movie i am a HUGE Transformers fan.


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