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Updated: Transformers stills show Energon Cube

Prime-LaBeouf.jpgA couple of images have appeared online for Transformers that show us more of Optimus Prime and Ironhide in full transformed mode, Ironhide looks stunning, and the photo of Optimus Prime shows us what the fight may well be all about, the Energon Cube.

Poor Shia LaBeouf is looking like he's right in the thick of it in the shot, but he's holding onto a cube for grim death, a cube I've seen in some other shots of the film.

Both the Ironhide photo and the Prime-Shia-Cube photo are over at Flickr. They look pretty superb to me, what do you think?

There are a couple more images that have been added to Flickr. One has Barricade breaking up some cars as he races towards the camera, another shows Frenzy in close up mode awaiting the slate being snapped, and finally there's the one of Barricade chasing LaBeouf.

The last one looks a bit out for me, everything in the background is blurry and hazy with LaBeouf even looking dark and out of focus, and yet Barricade is crisp as a CGI model. I' sure there's still some work to be done here, but the Transformer looks stunning.



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