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Uwe Boll's Postal gets good review!

UweBoll.jpgThere's a surprise and a half online today, something that you might not be able to believe if I tell you. Uwe Boll's Postal might just be a good film.

There's an early review online from a very trustable source, Todd at Twitch has seen the film and he had the following to say about it:

The subject matter and approach guarantees that Postal will not be for everyone. It pokes fun at some otherwise untouchable subjects and there is a large segment of the populace that simply doesn’t care for vulgar comedy. And that’s fair enough. But for a film of this type Postal is an unqualified success, a film that knows what it wants to be and hits all of its marks. A good film? Hell, I can’t remember the last film that made me laugh this hard.

He's done a great review of the film and it's well worth reading, however I just find it so hard to believe I thought it was April the 1st all over again. It's not though, and it seems as though he's serious. How could this be? Perhaps Uwe Boll's silly and quite stupid marketing tactics have actually been to hide the fact that Postal could be better than the previous ones he's made.




From Todd of all people.



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