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Warner Brothers offers movie download for pirates

PCScreen.jpgWarner Brothers have admitted that it isn't the Canadians that are responsible for film piracy, it's the Chinese too, and instead of shutting them down they are going to reward them with film downloads.

The plan is to offer high quality film downloads in Hong Kong through ViDeOnline's 08Media site, for a fee of course. There will be about one hundred titles available from the outset, including such films as Superman Returns, Happy Feet, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, and so on.

Now listen to this quote, bearing in mind what Warner Brothers just said about the Canadian market and how they treated them:

"This deal fits perfectly with our philosophy of providing consumers around the world with access to our world-class entertainment," said Jeffrey Schlesinger, president of Warner Bros. International Television, a division of Warner Bros.

That's the quote from the Reuters story through Daily Tech and Download Squad.

So they claim Canada is full of pirates and pull out all early showings and non-mainstream press showings. Then they reward Hong Kong with downloadable films while admitting that they are trying to beat the Chinese pirates. How messed up is that view?



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