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Watchmen casting surprises

Watchmen.jpgWow, the rumour mill has really begun on the Watchmen casting with a story just appeared from one of the pesky sources that tells us the alleged leads for Night Owl, Ozymandias and Doctor Manhattan.

Now if you sit and think about them for a few moments they aren't as strange as at first they might appear, and I'm sure everyone will have their own opinion about each of the roles, but here's mine.

Over at AICN they were given a rumour from one of their long time sources for the Zack Snyder production of Watchmen, and it goes a little something like this. Bear in mind that these are from a source and that according to the sourse they have been offered the roles, so big if across the board.

Night Owl will be Patrick Wilson whose latest film was Little Children. I think he'll do a good job of taking the necessary world weariness to the role and playing an average bloke in his mid life uncertainty.

Ozymandias is looking like Jude Law. Now that's a good choice, although I still think that Tom Cruise was perfect for the role, I think Law is a another good choice.

Now, Doctor Manhattan, prepare yourself. Keanu Reeves. Now hold up a minute before you start shouting and think about this. Think about his performances in films such as the Matrix and films since. Serious, dead pan, often emotionless and sometimes playing a character that lacks any human connection. Now think of him massive and blue with a bog dot on his forehead. Yeh, I think he could do it.

So what about these choices, if they are real of course. Would you agree with them? Are they wildly off, or do you think that there's someone else that could do better for them? What do you think about Law instead of Cruise?



OK. This is so confusing with all the different "Watchmen" "Night Watch" but I think I've got it now.


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