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Weinstein's try He-Man, but do we care?

He-Man.jpgWell it has been confirmed, He-Man and the Masters of the Universe now resides at the Weinstein company and that means that there will be another crack at getting the film made. It also means that this time it might just happen.

However it isn't quite that easy as Mattel still have the rights of approval over the story, so it might take some hammering out to get it balanced between the Weinstein vision and that of the toy company.

As reported some five days ago,Justin Marks is writing that script and trying to make everyone happy.

The confirmation comes from Variety.

Has the time for this story passed though? Is it like Barbarella and too tied to a certain point in time to really work? How could a modern He-Man and the Masters of the Universe come to the big screen?



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