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Weisz replaced by Bello on Mummy 3

MariaBello.jpgSurprising news that the character played by Rachel Weisz in The Mummy series is actually to be replaced, previously we'd heard that they were writing her out and the story would concentrate on the father-son relationship. However she is being replaced directly, and by the excellent (and rather alluring) Maria Bello.

So on an acting and engaging front there's no problem, but I just can't see why they want to keep the character in and replace the actress so blatantly. I'm amazed that they think this can work.

Apparently though they do as the news comes through Variety today.

Personally I think it's not such a hot move for Bello, she's a very talented actress and although this gives her cash galore, she could be capitilising on some of the much higher points of her career instead of this.

Now that the character is written back in and being replaced by another actress I am concerned that this, along with the whole relocation of the story aspect of the film, is not looking so good for the production. I'm not concerned at all about the addition of Maria Bello, she's an excellent actress, but it just doesn't feel right so far.

Of course we could all be wrong and find that the feeling of the original is recaptured in The Mummy 3 and we're taken over by the story and the adventure and soon forget about Rachel Weisz in the role. Is there a chance?



This is the worst casting decision since they picked Toper Grace to play Venom. Maria Bello is a good actress but she is no Rachel Weisz and casting her in this film is a huge blunder but judging by the bad decision this production has taken, Mummy 3 is going to bomb regardless.

Bello is alluring? That's an understatement.
I'm gonna go home now and watch A History of Violence (specifically the cheereleading scene)again. bye.

I dont really mind who takes over, just glad it's Bello, they could of picked a really terrible actress!


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